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Mission to Humanity


The Center for Humanity and Space Exploration (CHASE) portal is dedicated to “a space mission to humanity.” This global mission includes the exploration of space with international partners, the commitment to global communities and sustainability, and the development of socio-economic and knowledge benefits based on space-related assets.

CHASE is proposed as a new venture to be developed in partnership with the San Jose State University and its Metropolitan Technology Center as an element of the NASA Research Park adjacent to the NASA AMES Research Center. It will function as a coordination point for the development, nurturance and communication of space-related activities which can benefit humanity.

CHASE, with its partners, will facilitate an emerging human-centric, space-enabled discipline and practice and provide a portal for the global public to understand and participate in space-related benefits.


Telemedicine and Distance Learning After the Tsunami: Disaster relief and management in India.

Space Water Recycler Aids Iraq, Tsunami Victims: NASA water recycling technology for space station transferred by investment firm and a non-profit for use by countries with contaminated water supplies.